4 Common Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Home

While there are many different reasons you may be selling your home, there is one binding truth for all sellers: you want to secure the highest value possible. Unfortunately, due to inexperience or time limitations, sellers without the proper guidance can make many mistakes that lead to a decreased value for their property. Here are the top four common mistakes people make when listing their home on the market and how to avoid them. 

  1. Thinking they can do it themselves

Before you commit to listing your home as For Sale By Owner, beware of the many components that make the home selling process difficult. Not only is selling emotionally draining, but you open yourself up to legal liabilities by doing it on your own. The amount of paperwork that must be done correctly can be overwhelming and confusing to someone without experience. Beyond that, you lose potential buyers since your listing won’t be included in many of the large networks realtors are connected to. Not to mention that many realtors won’t show their clients a home listed by the owner. A realtor provides sellers with expert guidance, price negotiation skills, and increased marketing of your property, which will help you secure the highest dollar. 

       2. Ignoring their curb appeal (or lack thereof)

The first impression of your home is crucial for securing a qualified buyer. Home sellers often take pains to ensure the interior of their home is perfectly designed and stylized, often overlooking the true first impression: the landscaping. Ensuring that your home’s exterior cosmetics are immaculate is key to conveying the quality of your home. This means a well-manicured lawn, exterior repairs, like fixing a broken shutter or porch railing and welcoming, but simple decor can go a long way. 


      3. Not decluttering or depersonalizing their home

It doesn’t matter how great the market is for sellers. If your home is cluttered, you will receive low-budget offers or, worse, no offers. Clutter and mess detract from the overall value of your home because it gives it the appearance of disrepair. It can also make the space feel smaller than it is. With my clients, I always ensure that the room is appropriately set for a showing and can help stage your home. 

Along with decluttering, so often, people forget to depersonalize their homes. Yes, that means taking down pictures of your family and removing nameplates that may be hanging in your kids’ bedroom. While it may seem silly, buyers want to imagine their life in your home, not yours. 


       4.Ignoring cosmetic fixes

Much like ensuring the exterior of your home is presentable, taking time to fix any interior cosmetic damage is equally as important. Sellers should correct anything visibly broken or peeling because when buyers walk through, they see each of those things as extra dollar signs, leading to a lower offer. Some smaller projects to consider include painting walls, updating your flooring, or upgrading your lighting. 

Ultimately, there isn’t a magic formula for selling your home, but avoiding these common mistakes can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price without too much frustration.