When it’s a Seller’s Market, Do I Need to Stage My Home?

When discussing staging, a frequent question I get from clients is, “If we’re in a seller’s market, does staging matter?” Our answer is always that it depends on the following factors: the original appearance of a home, the desire to increase value, and if the house will be empty during the home showing process. 

Reason to Still Stage Your Home

In 2021, the National Associate of Realtors released a survey on the Power of Staging from sellers and buyers’ agents. The survey found that 49% of buyers’ agents saw some increase in home value attributed to staging.  Just because your home will sell on the market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t position yourself to receive top dollar. Staging can help show clients the potential of your property and give it a boost in comparison to other similar listings in the quad cities area. 

Furthermore, a seller’s market does not guarantee that every property will sell quickly. Homes that are extremely dated and need numerous updates can still sit on the market. Staging can help improve the appeal of such properties (along with a few minor repairs, which we can also help with). People need to be able to visualize their life in your space, and something that feels like it will take a lot of work or will feel dark and old will not create the necessary appeal. This fact is also why we recommend staging empty homes. 

While a vacant house may feel more extensive and more open, it can also feel cavernous and dull to prospective buyers.  Staging can help give your home an anonymous story. It’s beautiful, clean, and trendy, but without specific personal effects that can distract a buyer from imagining it as their future home. 

Reasons to Skip the Staging

The truth is, many homes in this market don’t need help selling. Staging is often a way to help increase the value of a space by making it one of the more appealing properties listed. If your home is clean, has recent updates like new appliances or floors, and is well furnished (a couch that has been in your family for 45 years does not count), staging could be completely unnecessary. Discuss with your agent whether they would recommend staging your space. 

Times when Staging has the Biggest impact

If you decide staging is the route to go, here are the two times staging has the most significant impact. 

Listing Photos

Did you know that a whopping 83% of buyers’ agents reported that having good photos for a listing is important? This fact is not surprising considering that people view properties digitally first, meaning a home’s first impression is through its photographs or video tours. Stagers know how to rearrange the space to feel open, welcoming, and updated, ensuring you get the best photos possible. The manufactured aesthetic will help attract more buyers to view the property in person and, hopefully, help sellers receive higher offers due to the competitive nature of the listing. 

Open Houses

If you’re going through the energy to host an open house, you need to make sure everything is spotlessly perfect. Not a pillow should be out of place since there will be such a large concentration of viewers at one time. It needs to feel open and accommodating. Staging helps ensure that your space doesn’t feel cluttered or tight while also helping your home stand out in a litany of other homes potential buyers will likely be seeing. Staging is like taking the age hold hack of baking cookies on a showing day, but on steroids (imagine the power of baking cookies and staging). 

Regardless of if it is a seller’s or buyer’s market, whether you need to dress your home up or want to increase the value of your listing, staging is a viable option. However, in a seller’s market, there is less need to help create a hook for potential buyers. Whereas in a buyer’s market, staging becomes an essential tool to help get your home the price it deserves. Whichever route you choose, work with Emilie Lawrence to succeed in your home buying and selling needs.